Infringement Festival aftermath

The Main-Washington Exchange was one of the venues for this years Buffalo Infringement Festival. While we were helping out (and enjoying the show) we were also working on projects upstairs. Notably we replaced the monitor in the arcade machine and installed a new ethernet drop for it near the kitchen.

We got the cabinet in 2009 and have since repainted it and upgraded the interior with a modern PC. (Classic games are available through emualation.) We preserved the illuminated display, but took out the coin mechanism. This machine also serves as a handy internet kisosk for members.

Many cool things happened this month.

  • Buffalo Rising did a bit on our Hacker Space :) Click Here to Read
  • WBFO did a bit on our Hacker Space :) Click Here to Listen
  • A few of us went to visit Interlock - Rochester’s Hacker Space
  • Curtis Duhn Came and did an excellent iPhone Dev session :)
  • Rob has been working on the lockers/cabinets, Looking SUPER !!
  • Kalamazoo MI in forming stages starting a Hacker Space  !

Just to name a few!

Our first official “Whistle while you work!” cleaning and work day was a success! Lots of tasks got accomplished and many things were learned. We want to thank everyone who attended the first day and hope to see more people at our next one this coming Saturday. Check out the pictures for all the completed tasks!

  • Clean Appliances, dishes & refrigerator! (thanks Melissa, James and Ben)
  • Clean Tile! (thanks Brian, Joe and Ben)
  • Almost Painted Doors! (thanks Doug and Matt)
  • New Desk in IT! (thanks Chris and Tristan)
  • (Kinda) New Desk in Lounge! (thanks Jerél and Matt)

We have had a lot of things happening the last couple weeks.

Chris has been diligently working on wiring our space, Mike has finished the install of our RFID system, many other members working on various projects, to many to list here.

September 24th Two Hands Project visited us and spent some time checking out our space, doing interview and socializing.

September 26th We watched/joined the live video feed of Two Hands Project at Foulab!

October 29th Mike from Chicago came to visit us and brought some network gear to donate. Thank you Mike :)

October 1st Mark came to visit us and chatted with Mike regarding co-working opportunities. Also Chris from Syracuse came to visit us and brought some arduino clones and soldering iron to donate. Thank you Chris :)

October 2nd was demo night, Jaek presented a demo on XNA and James presented a demo of Drupal, Thanks guys for two excellent demos!!