Buffalo Lab 2012 - The Resurrection

Take a look at the before and after walk-through. It’s pretty great what can be accomplished in only a day’s work with a little teamwork, a few resources and a shared goal. Checkout the vids (sorry, no fun audio), and be amazed :) Don’t forget to re-activate your paypal subscription on the membership page. The dues are $50/mo, but you can choose the 30/mo option if you’re planning on contributing 4 hours or more doing something that benefits the space in some way; e.g. build a project for the space, run a meeting or event, create marketing materials and recruit new members, etc..

Get in touch with synace (Mike) to get your key. You can email info at buffalolab, or join the meetup group and contact the organizer. Or, come down to any event (all events are open to the public for the near future) and we’ll get you setup!

If you’re interested in using our space for Co-working, please feel free to join. The space has wired, and wireless internet, a bathroom, a few hot plates, a fridge, a microwave, toaster oven, lots of desk space, a couple couches, a decent stereo and there aren’t usually events during the day (9-5). So, it’s be a great place to get your work done. We’re steps away from the train line, a block from the mall’s food court, and there’s a bunch of great delis and restaurants nearby. Check out the parking map to figure out where to leave your car when you get here. ( http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid=201565042276316894704.0004b6fab72ae99d379a4 )

Also, don’t forget: Our member meeting is this Tuesday night at 7pm. Be there if you’re curious about what hackerspace is, what our goals are, and tell us what you’d like to do and seee it become. We need you! Without you, we’re just an empty space with a bunch of unused stuff.