Soldering Workshop: Great Success!

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We held a soldering workshop this past Tuesday, July 31st at 6PM. You may have heard about it on the Buffalo Lab Facebook or the Buffalo Lab Meetup or on the Buffalo Lab NextPlex page or Buffalo Tech Events on NextPlex. We were visited by a very special guest, Mitch Altman of NoiseBridge San Francisco. He hosted the soldering event, brought some cool kits to solder, and shared some really cool stories, experiences and advice. I learned the secret to properly swiping the soldering iron on a wet sponge is to just slide it across on opposite sides once each, and that’s all there is to it. No need to spin it around or plunge it into the sponge or anything crazy like that. We built a bunch of different things. There were about 26 people attending in total, including kids, moms, dads, artists and hackers alike. We built persistence of vision LED kits, Arduino kits, TV-B-Gone kits, Trip Glasses, a few Drawdio pencils, a 3D LED Grid, and several more. The first to be finished was a TV-B-Gone, completed by a 10 year old before his father could even get the pieces figured out for his own! Mitch took some great photos of the Buffalo Lab Soldering Workshop, so check them out and get ready for the next Soldering Workshop coming soon. Also, be sure to check out our Basic Electronics & Ardunio meetup on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.